Organizing a cluttered garage isn’t always a simple task. You may have ample space, but over time it becomes a disorganized mess. However, with a little organization skill, your garage can be a useful space to not only store your valuable stuff but to have a work space and even park your vehicles.

Here is an infographic that provides 15 amazing tips to better organize your garage. And to make the best use of your garage space, consider adding a custom garage door screen.

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15 Amazing Tips to Organize Your Garage (Text Version)

Note: We have taken some liberty to make grammar corrections from the original infographic.

1. Create Your Garage Floor Plan

  • Prepare the garage floor plan before starting your process.
  • Note your garage’s dimensions and note the size and location of windows, doors, switches, and receptacles.

2. Keep Things Off the Garage Floor

  • Keep items off the floor whenever possible. Consider buying ready-made shelving units or cabinets.
  • When buying, make sure they’re raised on legs so that you can clean the floor beneath them easily.

3. Consider Installing Open Shelves (Not Closed Cabinets)

  • Open shelves are budget-friendly, easier to access, and let you quickly check what you’ve stored.
  • Closed cabinets are generally disorganized (not mine) because you can hide the evidence.

4. Make Full Use of Overhead Space

  • The garage ceiling is a great spot where you can hang your stuff and reuse them whenever required.
  • Ensure any shelves hung from your ceiling don’t interfere with your garage door’s operation.

5. Build a Work-Desk

  • Are you a DIYer? Install a wall-mount fold-down work desk that offers a sturdy surface and tucks out of the way when not in use.
  • Remember, a work desk with built-in tool drawers can be pricey.
  • Research well to find a reasonable height and avoid an uncomfortable table height.

6. Stack Bins the Easy Way

  • Use plastic storage bins to separate and organize equipment by sports or season.
  • Consider different color bins to segregate the waste and dispose them accordingly.
  • Consider wall mount stack bins to free up your garage space.

7. Add Door and Window Locks

  • You should protect your garage assets from burglars and thefts.
  • Consider adding door and window locks to protect garage assets.
  • Keep the garage door closed, and the door to the house unlocked.
  • Always secure the entry door with a deadbolt and keep garage windows locked.

8. Seal Any Holes or Openings

  • With time, your garage might witness holes and/or openings.
  • Rain, windblown leaves, bugs, and mice will find their way inside the garage through such openings.
  • Seal openings quickly to avoid external elements causing damage to contents in your garage.

9. Upgrade Lighting and Electrical Systems

  • Tungsten bulbs are no longer trendy.
  • Consider replacing them with 4-foot fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts.
  • Space them 4 feet apart and use as many as you need to see well at night.

10. Check Insulation

  • A comfortable garage is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • If space is already finished but uninsulated, you could have a professional company blow insulation behind the walls.

11. Fix a Cracked Concrete Floor

  • With time, concrete slabs usually crack or flake.
  • Repairs are necessary if the floor has multiple cracks or deep pits.
  • Fill any cracks with mortar or self-leveling sealer.

12. Install a Garage Exhaust Fan

Do you ever sand, weld, solder, varnish, or work with chemicals in your garage?

  • Consider installing an exhaust fan to get rid of dust and/or fumes.
  • Exhaust fans are typically place in an exterior wall.

13. Add a Car Lift for More Parking Spaces

  • You can upgrade your car garage with a car lift.
  • A 4 post car lift can double your garage’s parking space.
  • A car lift allows a vehicle to be stored above another vehicle.
  • You can also use the lift to store motorcycles and out-of-season items.

14. Separate What You Use

  • Organize your garage by sorting items based on their needs.
  • Keeping tons of tools that you do not use for a “just in case” scenario will lead to unnecessary clutter.
  • You can sell them online or donate them to charity.

15. Periodically Clean the Garage

  • In spring and summer, do pest control to keep insects at bay.
  • Keep a bad of kitty litter handy for absorbing oil and grease spills.
  • Hose down the floor regularly.
  • Separate items to sell, donate, or toss unnecessary items.

It’s time to start your process and transform your cluttered garage into eye candy.