Choosing The Right Patio Cover

Patio covers have many benefits – extra living space, aesthetics and even energy savings. But what about the choice of materials? The following infographic from Ricks Custom Fencing and Decking looks at choosing the right patio cover. We of course favor aluminum patio covers but check out the features and benefits of each for yourself.

Outdoor Living in Style With Pergolas

A pergola is one of the most effective ways to add interest to your landscape. Whether you’re looking to bring shade to your outdoor living space or create additional patio space, pergolas provides a simple, cost-effective solution that will add value to your home. And because they are versatile in design, they can be customized to complement many styles of home or landscape.

Patio Covers: Outdoor Living in Style

Patio covers are an attractive way to make your outdoor living space functional all the year long. Designed to blend into your home’s existing roofline, a solid patio cover can provide decades of enjoyment and boasts a great return on your investment. The following infographic takes a look at some of the benefits and options associated with patio covers.