Now that the weather is finally getting nice in Arizona, after an intensely hot summer, it is due time to open those windows and doors and let the cool air come in. Many do open windows to allow the outside air to come in. Because most windows already have some kind of screen in place, it is a no brainier – let the cool air in and keep the critters and insects out. But what about your doors?

You could put a traditional screen door in place or even a security door for entrances, but these are often intrusive and can be unsightly as well. This is especially true if you have a beautiful entry door that you want to show off. This is where ClearView retractable screen doors come in to play. With a ClearView retractable screen door, it is there when you need it and practically invisible when you don’t.

Just look at the example of a recent installation of these retractable screen doors. As you can see, when the screen is retracted, it allows for the beautiful door to be visible. When the door is open, then the screen is retracted and serves as a barrier to pesky insects and other critters that might want to enter.

ClearView retractable screen doorClearView retractable screen door

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