The “man cave” is a typically a reference to a private space for men or women, where they can pursue whatever interests them as well as enjoy leisure time.

Man caves can serve many functions such as a hobby hut, art studio, gaming arena, home office, private library, yoga studio, poolside bar, tool shop, workshop, sew shed, meeting space, sports bar, and much more.

And oftentimes, the man cave is is in the family garage. Check out the following infographic to learn how to build the ultimate man cave, and if your man cave ends up being in your garage, check out our Garage Door Screens, especially now that we are heading towards cooler weather.

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How to Build the Ultimate Man Cave

Via Viking Steel Structures

How to Build the Ultimate Man Cave

What Is the Man Cave?

Essentially, it’s a private space where the man can spend his free time, perform his favorite hobbies, kickback, or do whatever he wants to do. You can use your old or existing shed to have a solid foundation, damp-proofing, heating, power, and security.

Are you planning to convert your shed into a man cave? Check out these 13 tips that will help you to create the cave you always wanted!

Choose the Location

Select the location for the man cave; If not a shed, it can be your garage, basement, attic, or even the playroom.

Install a Center Game Table

Do you love to play pool, poker, soccer, or any other table-based sport? Install a center game table in the man cave and add some spotlights for better visibility. Position it properly so that there is enough space leftover for seating.

Go With a Theme of Your Choice

Try to choose a theme that aligns with your taste. Hang framed photos of sportsmen or your favorite rock band. You can even decorate it with some beautiful wallpaper that give off positive vibes as soon as you enter the cave.

Select the Right Size TV

Find the right display size of your TV as it’s the most crucial consideration that you should keep in mind. However, make sure there is enough space between you and the TV so that you can enjoy without damaging your eyes.

Seating Arrangement

Plan proper seating arrangements so that you will get more open space. You can put the seats behind the walls or around your game table too.

Bar Section

It is one of the important areas where you can store your favorite drinks or beverages. You can also include things like bottle openers, beer mugs, lighters, glasses, and more.

Food Storage

Stock your favorite snacks such as chips, dips, peanuts, popcorn, etc.

Sound System

Install an ultimate sound system in your cave to make the place more energetic and live with some awesome music.

Add Insulation

Add insulation to the man cave so that noise can be contained, that coming from the outside as well as the inside. Other than insulation, there are many other soundproof options available in the market which can be useful for absorbing sounds.

Paint It Out

Paint the walls with darker “manly” colors like charcoal grey, slate blue, slate green, etc.

Showcase Your Trophies

Be proud of displaying your trophies and medals of your favorite sports from high school, or you can showcase any other degree of appreciation.

Space For Workout

Be sure to have some free weights in your cave so you can do some work-out too.

History of the Man Cave


The 26th U.S. President, Teddy Roosevelt, decorated his man cave with his hunting trophies.


One of the most recognized man caves – The Bat Cave, also premiered in the movie “The Bat’s Cave” which was accessible by a secret entrance and stocked with high-tech gadgets.


Saddam Hussein, in his last days, lived in a man cave. He had used it to stay away from the annoyances of everyday life.


DIY Network launces series in which complete transformations of garages and basements were shown by contractor Jason and former football player, Tony Siragusa.


The Man Cave concept once again premiered on the big screen with “I Love You Man.” Jason Segel’s character takes an entry from the Man Cave, complete with musical instruments and manly décor.


Canadian paint company, CIL, launched their man cave collection “Ultimate Man Caves” by changing the name of their colors and including popular choices such as beer time, bro code, and zombie apocalypse.

2012 and Beyond

The popularity of man caves is spreading worldwide, quickly becoming an essential asset for every man.

Top Reasons To Have a Man Cave

Escape Reality Shows

Men watch fewer reality shows compared to women.

Space Issues

Men need their area as women own more space.

Control Over TV Remote

More couple fights start with the remote.

Relax & Chill

To overcome the stress that can cause multiple physical problems, you need a place to relax and chill.

Enjoy Your Favorite Sports

A sports fanatic loves to enjoy watching their favorite sports alone. The man cave provides the desired space.

Quality Time

Spend quality time with yourself by practicing your favorite hobby such as painting, drawing, reading, writing, and much more.