Utilizing all of your outdoor areas can offer many benefits in expanding usable space beyond your four walls. To create a unique and useful space, you need to make the area practical and allow enough room to move around with ease. The infographic below will show you how to create a fabulous outdoor living space.

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How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Via: Eclipse Shading Systems

Tips For Decorating an Outdoor Living Space

  • Have plenty of comfortable seating options. Use cushions and pillows to add softness and color.
  • Display ample amounts of lighting through candles, lamps, overhead and solar lighting.
  • Add small elements throughout the outdoor living space that will add visual appeal. This can include curtains, plants and water fountains.
  • Add a pop of color through an awning or exterior sunscreens.
  • Include elements such as stone or brick as flooring or wall dividers between the outdoor living space and yard.
  • Add rugs (made of durable fabric) to add a textured look.
  • Bring your interior design style outdoors by adding similar design elements outside.
  • Add colorful pots and candles for a whimsical look.
  • Use metal letters on the wall for an eclectic feel.
  • Display cool tones for a beachy or natural atmosphere.

How To Create an Outdoor Living Space Layout

  • Check local building codes so your design will be in proper condition.
  • Use whatever space your home has for an outdoor living space, including patios, rooftops, side yards, and courtyards.
  • Make a list of all the features you want to include so you can ensure enough space is available.
  • Just like interior rooms, outside living spaces should have a focal point that the layout and design is based around.
  • Think about the flow when creating the layout design. You should include plenty of seating and storage, but the space should not feel cluttered.
  • Instead of having straight pathways, have pathways that take a slight curve to add visual appeal and encourage exploration of the space.
  • Create a privacy screen by adding plants, small trees, or lattices to an area.
  • Consider adding a sun shade sail awning to help define an outdoor living space area.
  • Leave enough seating under the overhead covering so everyone can comfortably enjoy the area.

Ways To Make an Outdoor Living Space Functional

  • Keep it near your house for ease of convenience.
  • Design the room so it can used year-round.
  • Add shade so you will be able to enjoy the space despite the weather. Retractable awnings are great for this.
  • Incorporate a source of heat, such as a fireplace, fire pit or heating lamp, so the living space can be used in cooler weather.
  • Include cooling methods such as fans so you can enjoy the outdoor living space during warmer weather.
  • Feature pieces that serve double functions. For example, have benches for seating open up for storage or use ottomans for serving and seating.
  • Add a covering, such as an Alumawood patio cover, to a section so outdoor living space can be used despite weather.