Retractable Screen Doors – Maintenance

Periodic maintenance of your ClearView retractable screen door units will keep them operating to your expectations.

Track Maintenance:


  1. Clean tracks every one or two months, or as necessary. Wipe clean with a cloth and gentle detergent.
  2. Let tracks dry.  Then apply an even coat of Dry Silicone spray to the top and bottom tracks. Remove excess spray. Dry Silicone spray is available from your local dealer or hardware store.
  3. Do not scrub aluminum parts as this may damage powder coated surfaces.

Screen Maintenance:

  1. Always make sure that the screen is not riding outside of the track. This could cause the screen to bind when rolling back into the housing.
  2. To clean the screen, vacuum using an upholstery brush. Carefully vacuum the outside, then from the inside taking care not to snag the screen itself.
  3. You may also use a wet cloth moistened by water only.  Use on each side of the screen mesh taking care to wipe all exposed areas.
  4. Keep pets from clawing or scratching the screen.
ClearView Retractable Screen Door Maintenance

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