If you’re like the many people who have enclosed garages, space is at a premium for everything that needs to be stored. Garage storage organization is crucial to making the most use of the space you have.

In this infographic, take a look at how to maximize garage space and keep things organized and clutter-free. Once you have organized your space and everything has its place, consider a garage door screen to really make the most of your livable space.

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Space Saving Ideas Of Small Garage Storage

According to one study, 42 % of households worldwide own at least one bicycle, adding up to an estimated 580 million bicycles owned privately worldwide.

United States home values have gone up 6.6% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will rise another 4.1% within the next year.

The median price of homes currently listed in the United States is $285,000 while the media price of homes that sold is $232,700.

The median rent price in the Untied States is $1,675. Garage organization is the key to make full use of the existing space you have. If you increase the use of your garage, you can save a lot of money.

Homeowner Garage Stats by the Numbers

  • 25% embarrassed by inside of garage
  • 30% keep garage door shut so neighbors don’t see mess
  • 74% wish the garage was better organized
  • 23% can’t fit theirs cars in the garage
  • 34% don’t know what is stored in the garage
  • 30% either never organize their garage or only do it every few years

Garage Organization Ideas & Tips

Don’t Waster the High Space: Ceiling Space

1. Store your ladder on the ceiling

2. A great helper: ceiling garage rack What can it store?

  • Kayaks, canoes or bikes
  • Football, basketball or baseball leagues
  • Keep cabinets, kennels, indexed shelves, and crates off the floor
  • Lawn and garden organization

How will it bring tangible benefit to our garage?

  • Practical
  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Easy installation

Maximize Vertical Space

1. Stack Recycling Bin

2. Garage Corner Shelves

  • A Plastic Storage Bin: separate garage space and organize tools and equipment
  • Garage Corner Shelves: perfect for storing small items
  • Craft Plastic Cabinet: meet various need of garage owners for it can store different sizes of tools
  • Open Storage Shelf: substantially save original space; increase your shelf space

3. Ball storage

  • Purchased Items: put beside the door or at the corner
  • Ball Locker: heavy gauge wire mesh body
  • Plastic Ball Basket: occupy less space
  • Wall Ball Bag: large u-shape 2-way zipper at the bottom for easy access

Install More on the Wall

1. Brilliant Bike Storage

  • Gravity Racks: gravity racks are a popular approach of storing bikes in your garage
  • Vertical Indoor Storage Rack: equipped with a full-length ray along the wall to keep bike in place
  • The Gladiator Claw: a high-tensile gadget that is attached to your garage or home ceiling
  • Wall Mounted Bike Holder: coolest looking at least space

2. Pegboard Panels

  • Save more space; can be easily modified

3. Garage Hooks

  • CoolYeah garage hooks